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Nutritionally rich, vinegar also absorbs and preserves many of the medicinal constituents of herbs as such is an important menstruum for making tinctures. In this virtual workshop you will learn to make your own vinegar with award-winning author Kirsten K. Shockey (Check out her website here: Ferment Works  and instagram: @KirstenShockey and @thefermentationschool ).  Kirsten will lead you through a few different techniques from basic apple cider vinegar to vinegars where the herbs are fermented during the vinegar fermentation for a deeper infusion. Grab the supplies listed below and make a starter in the comfort of your own kitchen.

This workshop was originally going to be offered at Oshala Herb Camp 2022, but now offered to all. If you attended Herb Camp this summer, you’ll receive the link in your inbox, and for all other participants, registration is just $25!  Hope to see you there!

To register, >> CLICK HERE << to purchase your e-ticket, and we’ll send you a zoom link!

Supplies you’ll need:

-1 quart to 1 gallon apple juice depending on how much they want to make.
-A jar that matches the amount of juice. (1 gallon of juice then a 1 gallon jar and so on)
        the juice can be from the grocery store, only requirement no preservatives in the ingredients. Raw, unpasteurized sweet cider is fine
-1/4 to 1 cup unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar

-herbs — fresh or dried.  Also things like fig leaves are fun, or can be just herb stems, like basil stems or dried nettle stems after leaves are off.

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