Magickal Wellness Kit

$44.00 every 3 months

Waiting for our next harvest!

Join our seasonal wellness kit subscription for a quarterly box sent to your door. Sign up once, receive automatic renewal each quarter,  and cancel any time.  Next subscription deadline is August 31st to receive the Fall Equinox Kit.

Waiting for our next harvest!

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Magickal Wellness kits are carefully curated to maximize wellness by attuning with the seasons. The herbs, spells and Self-Care rituals were chosen for the intrinsic value that they bring for each turning of the great Mandala of Nature, also known as the Wheel of the Year. The foundation of a truly Witchy path is a deep connection and constant conversation with nature. After all, the word Witch originates from the word “Wise.” Whether you call yourself a Witch or simply want more Magick in your life – the Magickal Wellness Kits are a great way to welcome the changing seasons as they will be delivered on or before Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.

Our next Magickal Wellness Kit will celebrate the Fall Equinox. In order to receive your Kit in time, please order by August 31st.

Each kit will include a Witchcraft as Wellness Zine written by Xicana Witch Jamie Della, author of nine books including The Book of Spells and The Wicca Cookbook. Each zine will be tailored for the season with delightful spells, rituals and other magickal practices that explain how to make the most of the bulk herb of the season, an herbal blend, candle and other treats. Discover Witchcraft as a daily practice of listening to the inner knowing in harmony with the language of nature and the cosmos.

Illustration by Katarina Samohin from Jamie’s next book A Box of Magick. A Guided Journey to Crafting a Magickal Life through Witchcraft, Ritual Herbalism, and Spellcrafting

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