Mugwort, Western

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Artemesia ludoviciana, Certified Organic

Hand Cut Aerial Parts

Grown on our farm in Southern Oregon

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Western Mugwort, Artemesia ludoviciana ~ Hand cut with stem. Artemesia ludoviciana is also known as White Sagebrush. It’s a herbaceous perennial native to our area that is much more aromatic than Artemesia vulgaris but can be used in the same ways. Aromatic, bitter, cooling, grounding, moving, refreshing. Historically, herbalists claimed mugwort could “comfort the brain”, a nod to presumed nervine relaxant qualities. The aromatic quality has given it a reputation for “moving,” referring to the GI, respiratory and reproductive tracts. It is called mugwort due to its early use in medicinal beers. This aromatic variety is traditionally used in ritual smudge and dream work.

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