Jeff and Elise took time off the farm this month to attend the Natural Food Expo in Anaheim. As hard as getting off the farm can be in the spring, it is important to take the opportunity to meet with so many of our customers, peers and industry leaders. Much of our time was spent participating in the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) committee meetings and Annual Member Meetings and gatherings. This is an important time for us to hear what is affecting our industry but also to help bring a farmer’s voice to the conversation.

This year Elise helped to coordinate a wonderful talk during the AHPA Annual Meeting that was a panel of herb farmers answering questions and bringing light to challenges and opportunities the herb farmers are facing. We were very excited at the lively discussion and engagement from the audience. It was clear that the industry was hungry to hear from the farmers, and not only hear how we are tackling some of the challenges we are all facing in the industry but also speak about many of the unique opportunities and benefits that come from working directly with farmers as product makers. Everyone in the room came away feeling like the time was well spent and that the conversation would continue. 

What was evident to everyone was that developing a deeper relationship with the people growing and harvesting the ingredients in your products will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. One way we encourage our customers to interact with the farm is to visit us during one of our farm tours or educational events. Our monthly farm tours run from May through September and are a great way to see the farm in action during the busy production months. Many of our educational events also coincide with opportunities to tour the farm or otherwise experience the farm. One of our favorites every year is our Oshala Farm Herb Camp this year running June 30 – July 2nd.  

We also wanted to offer a sincere congratulations to our Founder/Farmer Elise Higley for being voted onto the Board of Trustees for the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) during the Annual Member Meeting. It is a true honor to get to work with such a committed and talented group of people to continue to move the Herbal Products Industry forward and to provide a farmer’s insight to the industry. All of us at Oshala are so proud of Elise and her devotion and hard work.