Here at Oshala Farm we strive to provide the freshest most potent herbs. In addition to our beautifully dried herbs we are proud to offer everything from our current grow list fresh. Many plants are best used directly from the field and we have you covered when you can’t grow it yourself.

Fresh orders are especially exciting to me because I am passionate about sharing plant knowledge with the world. Working with plants just out of the field brings you closer to knowing that plant in its living form. You are able to see, smell, and touch the plants in a way that you never can with a dry, cut and sifted product.  Working with living and freshly cut plants brings me so much joy and I’m so happy to be able to send that out to others in the form of the plants themselves.

This week we sent out bright golden St. John’s Wort and are now in the process of our own medicine making with this gorgeous plant. I normally think of St. John’s Wort as bringing the golden rays of summer into the darkest days of winter but here in southern Oregon we are currently blanketed in smoke and it felt like a blessing to spend the morning nestling golden bundles of sunshine into boxes.

Our fresh order season is spring through fall. If you want to order fresh we encourage you to call 541-856-1120 or email to get on the list before harvests begin in the spring so we can plan you into our harvest and packing schedule. We have already done the majority of our fresh orders for this year but still have some late summer and fall harvests if you interested in getting in on the fun.

Happy Harvesting and Medicine Making to All,

Elana Quinlan Scheidegger
Seeds, Nursery, and Fresh Orders
Oshala Farm