The Dirt on the Farm

Summer Solstice and the Full Strawberry Moon fall on the same day this year. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this hasn’t happened for seventy years! The Summer Solstice’s arrival signifies the end of our planting season on the farm. With some rainy weather lately and broken irrigation pipes we will most likely plant for a few more days but these tireless planting sessions are coming to a close as the days now grow shorter. It is now time to tend what we have planted and hope that all goes as planned.

Pick of the Season

Got Milk-y Oats? We do!

With summer’s craziness upon us,  nothing lends itself to calm my nerves better than milky oats. This year we planted Oats- Avena Sativa on most of our fields as a cover crop to give back nutrients to the soil. Some is harvested before it’s tilled under to prep the fields for planting. We’ve harvested the tops at their milky stage for the best benefits.

Saint John’s Wort Day, June 24th

We can’t have a June announcement go out without mentioning one of the highlights of the month; Saint John’s Wort- Hypericum perforatum. We call is SJW on the farm. Once you get acquainted (or should I say anointed?) with this plant, it’s like having a very good, reliable, faithful friend that you never want to be without in your life. It has been used to invoke protection for centuries due to it’s connection with St. John. It affects our serotonin levels, which impact sour ability to feel happiness. It’s our go to in the first aid kit for wounds, sprains, bruises and other painful injuries. This is the only time of the year to make a fresh infused oil of this superb plant so don’t miss out on the opportunity. Check out Kami McBrides’s website for more info on herbal infused oils.  Email us at [email protected] for SJW oil if you aren’t able to make your own

Join us for an upcoming workshop on the farm

Thursday, June 23rd 6-8pm

RSVP to SOSGA 626-390-5222

Growing Medicinal Herb Seeds and the Profitability of Seed Production

Farmers Jeff and Elise Higley will provide a tour of their beautiful medicinal herb farm while discussing the growing market for organic herb seeds. Jeff and Elise, who are part of the OSU Extension cost-study cohort, will provide tips and ideas for determining whether or not seed production is profitable on your farm, through enterprise budgeting and cost analysis.

Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association (SOSGA)
PO Box 1186 Grants Pass, OR 97528

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Jeff and Elise

Oshala Farm herbs and spices are crafted in harmony in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon and nourished with pristine water, air and soil. By choosing our products you are supporting an Earth-centric business that is striving to make a difference on our planet. Thank you.

Enjoy in Good Health,
Elise and Jeff Higley