If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who is already fond of this generally maligned herb. But if hearing the words “stinging nettle” only brings back childhood memories of feeling like your skin is on fire, read on; you just might grow to love this unique plant.

Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica) were the first thing we planted when we got the land for this farm, and it continues to be one of the herbs that Oshala seems to revolve around. In the herb lab here, where orders get packed and magic gets made, rarely a day goes by that we don’t ship out our organic dried nettle leaf to customers all over the country. And now that we’re well into spring, we’re into nettle harvest time. You can find Oshala organic nettles in grocery stores all over our region.  

We love making nettles into pesto, adding it to soups, including it in lasagna or any dish where you might use spinach.  Our organic nettles are truly a superfood! Some of the most nourishing meals I’ve ever eaten have contained this plant. It is incredibly high in beta carotene (the plant form of Vitamin A), iron, and a host of  minerals. One cup of cooked nettle contains 42% of your daily needs for calcium alone. 

Got seasonal allergies? Nettles act as a natural antihistamine. Read the science behind it here. 

In addition to fresh and dried leaf, we also make our own delicious nettle vinegar. We use raw apple cider vinegar to extract the medicinal compounds and minerals from the nettles, offering another way to pack nutrient density into your meals. We’ll soon be making a new batch of nettle vinegar; check it out for a delightful burst of spring flavor and a nutritional and medicinal boost!