It’s snowing outside but we are plenty busy on the farm! With another growing season upon us we’re moving towards the greenhouses with our year’s crop plan pretty close to complete. Over the next two months we will seed almost two million seeds in the propagation greenhouses to plant out our fields. In order to do this, we are busy ordering all supplies needed for the season, double checking our seed inventory of what we have saved from last year’s harvest and getting our propagation greenhouses tuned up for another season.

We’re also busy constructing two additional propagation greenhouses over the next couple of weeks to ensure we have enough space for all the plant babies. And our amazing mechanic, Tyler is creating a new greenhouse table system that we hope will prove a major improvement over our current system. Needless to say, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle for the “slow” season on the farm.

As the afternoons are getting longer, we’ve been loving walks around the farm as the sun sets, dreaming of the season and all the herb magic to ensue. We hope you are dreaming and planning too. Time to plant some seeds!