When Spring arrives and the Nettles start to show themselves on our farm, I love to harvest buckets full to make a Spring vinegar! It’s a great way to incorporate the gut-supporting benefits of vinegar and the immune supporting Nettle into my everyday life. If you’d like to learn how to make your own Nettle Vinegar, we have the simple recipe for you!


  • 4 cups fresh or dried Stinging Nettle leaves (Urtica dioica)
  • 4 cups raw, organic apple cider vinegar

Measurements are approximate; you may need a bit more or less for a quart-size jar.


1. Chop enough fresh Stinging Nettle leaves to loosely fill a quart-size glass canning jar. (Wear
gloves to avoid stings.) Feel free to add any other Spring wild editable you have out in your garden as well. We prefer using fresh but you can use dried as well.
2. Add enough raw apple cider vinegar to completely cover the nettle. If your canning jar has a
metal lid, place parchment paper between the lid and the jar.
3. Shake daily, making sure the herbs remain submerged under the vinegar.
4. Within a few days, you can start to use the vinegar and start using this wonderful Spring tonic diluted
with water or in recipes such as bone broth, salad dressing etc. After 4 weeks strain and bottle. Discard herbs in the compost.

Yield: 1 quart

Shelf Life: Use within one year.