We wanted to take this opportunity on Earth Day to share how you are making an impact on the planet by purchasing your herbs direct from our organic family farm. At Oshala Farm we take great care in growing your herbs with the health of the planet first in mind. Sustainable, organic regenerative farming starts with caring for our soil.

Here at Oshala Farm, we grow more than 80 different herbs. However, sometimes it is what we aren’t growing for sale, that is the most important work we do. Each year we make a conscious decision to leave 30-40% of our cropland fallow. This means we do not plant that land with crops for sale but rather plant with cover crops that provide the soil with protection from erosion, provide nitrogen, break up soil compaction, pull nutrients from deeper within the soil profile and ultimately add large amounts of organic matter into the soil where it contributes to the moisture and nutrient holding capacity of our soils.

Additionally, we grow a wide number of perennial and biennial crops. This allows us long periods of time where we can leave our soil undisturbed. Oftentimes our perennial crops are in place for five or more years, and in most years 30-50% of all our crop acreage is already established in multi-year plantings. By purposely choosing a wide variety of perennial and biennial crops we reduce the impact we have on soil life, leaving the worms, insects, mycelium and microbiological life undisturbed for long periods of time. This creates healthier soil ecosystems and ultimately healthy plants, which eventually benefits all of us.

We know you care about how your herbs were tended. As an Oshala Farm customer you’ve had the chance to see the difference that attention to details make in the quality of your enjoyment, the vitality of our product and ultimately the difference it makes in your life. Soil is the foundation ingredient of our secret sauce at Oshala Farm, and caring for our soil is the highest calling we have found. We thank you for being part of this mission to steward our planet.

Oshala Farm’s Mission is to provide high quality herbs while leaving the land better than we found it. Through our growing, processing, packaging, seed-saving, and on-farm initiatives we’re always pushing to be more sustainable and kinder to the environment and our team.

We’ll keep sharing our sustainability mission through our emails and here, on our blog.