Happy 2023! We’re gearing up for this year, and wanted to remind you to start thinking about fresh herbs!

If you enjoy making tinctures with fresh (non-dried) herbs now is the time to get your pre-orders in. We stop taking orders at the end of January so that we can add up all the poundage we need to harvest of each plant and create planting plan for 2023.

Some dried herbs like Pedicularis and Saint John’s Wort are often sold out on our website because we have so many fresh orders each year! We fill those orders first, dry what we have left from the harvest, then offer it on the website.

While I like to think of our dried herbs are some of the best quality you can get, there are some plants that are better to use fresh than dried when making tinctures.

If you are new making tinctures, James Green book Herbal Medicine Making Handbook was one of my text books in herb school 25 years ago at California School of Herbal Studies and it is still a book I use for referencing.  See if you can order it from your local book store, and if it’s not in stock you can also order a copy online.

If you’re interested in fresh herbs, please check out this page for more information!

In good health,